Mak Tok’s Pineapple Relish (Limited Edition)

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Gorgeous exotic flavours that will transport you back to South-East Asia. The natural tanginess and sweetness from the lush pineapple bits in this relish make it an excellent dip for fritters, in a stir fry with some vegetables, or as a delicious base for drinks. Oh, did we mention that we only have LIMITED jars of this?

Suitable for vegans & vegetarians.

Product Story

Pineapple relish was kind of an accidental discovery in my family. It was because mum wanted to make a sweet and sour dish but couldn’t find any ketchup at home. So, she improvised and used the remaining pineapple fillings she salvaged from her baking.

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Pineapple 42%, apple, sugar, cider vinegar, ginger 3%, lime juice concentrate, chilli, cornflour, lime zest, spices. 

Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

This product contains NO allergens.
Made in a factory using nuts.

pineapple relish mak tok nutrition
Weight 190 g
Dimensions 6.8 × 6.8 × 8.4 cm


2 reviews for Mak Tok’s Pineapple Relish (Limited Edition)

  1. Renée Rowlands

    I love Mak Tok’s Pineapple Relish and use it as an accompaniment to the lovely dishes that I’ve made using Mak Tok’s wonderful chilli pastes!

  2. Raven

    I love this maktok brilliant . Sara made a fantastic investment in this product . This is better than ketchup

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