I can play 16 musical instruments.

This is me, Will – also known as the <3 of Mak Tok. I’m the thief of my mum’s heart and her recipe. My role in Mak Tok includes child minding, playing with the calculator, saying hi to people, and keeping aunty MTK under control.

Experimental baker at heart and he makes the best tiramisu!

This is Shang, also known as the Soul of Mak Tok. He has the mind of Professor Xavier from X-Men with the face of an infant. Thank god he don’t cry a lot. His skills include telepathy, playing with the scientific calculator, and sometimes being the cash cow (or just a cow in most cases).

He plays rugby for Royal Wootton Bassett.

This is how he looks like when you say you are afraid of spice! Eugene, also the Elf of Mak Tok, loves appearing in events. He’s always running around finding for food so if you have brownies with you, keep it safe.

She runs a putty show, an owl show, and eats all the leftover cake batter.

This is the Baby Elf of Mak Tok, Hayley. She’s so new that sometimes she forget how to talk. If you want someone to laugh at your jokes (even if it is cold as *ahem*), she’s the one to go for. Just say “Ah Li hor” and she’ll laugh with you (or at you).

Dajie makes the best Malaysian Beef Rendang HANDS DOWN!

Say hello to the cutest Santarina of Mak Tok, Dajie! She’s always stressed and loves getting caught on camera doing the weirdest things. Her favourite words are “Ko ah” and she have a thing for frogs. She is our private chauffeur, cinderella, and OTT screamer!

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