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christmas mak tok 2020

Christmas 2020 – A Little Taste of Togetherness

A Little Taste of Togetherness This year, not all of us get to celebrate Christmas with our loved ones. But with small gestures, we can still taste what this festive season is all about - togetherness. Share with us your story of celebrating Christmas away from your loved ones. #alittletasteoftogetherness ❤️ The story behind this video... The

Mak Tok Ltd. (Hari Merdeka Competition 2020) Terms & Conditions

Mak Tok Ltd. (Hari Merdeka Competition 2020) Terms & Conditions   By participating in Hari Merdeka Competition 2020 run by Mak Tok Ltd. (“Mak Tok”), you agree to be bound by the specific rules of the particular competition (the “Competition Rules”) in addition to these Terms and Conditions. The decision of Mak Tok shall be

merdeka day competition

Celebrate Merdeka with Mak Tok this August

Merdeka Day Celebration SNAP, TAG, SHARE, WIN How excited are you ... ... to know the August Summer Bank Holiday is here? To top that off,  we have seen restaurants gradually re-opening, with many of them offering a 50% discount in conjunction with the Eat Out to Help Out campaign.  It doesn't stop there because...
cooking rice with a microwave how to

How to cook rice with a microwave oven

How to cook rice using a MICROWAVE OVEN 1. Wash and drain rice in a microwave-safe bowl. 2. Add enough water for the rice. The general rule 1 cup rice = 1.25 - 1.5 cup water. But that will depend on the type of rice you are using. Short grains need lesser water as compared

Family Friendly Farms in Yorkshire

Family Friendly Farms in Yorkshire Its Yorkshire Day on Saturday 1st August, and we are proud to be a Yorkshire based brand. To celebrate, Mak Tok is running a Yorkshire themed WEEK, collaborating with a range of Yorkshire brands and stockists!  There are also many family friendly farms in Yorkshire that we want to celebrate,

Mak Tok and Cheese Complements

Mak Tok and Cheese Complements We know Mak Tok chilli pastes are great for marinades, stir-fry’s, BBQ's and delicious dips but have you ever thought about pairing Mak Tok with cheese? Well, you are in for a treat, because that is exactly what we have done! To celebrate National Wine and Cheese day on 25th
south east asian spices

Do you know what spices are in Mak Tok?

Do you know what spices are in Mak Tok? There are a range of ingredients and spices in our products making them 100% natural. In the creamy and zesty Rendang, we have galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and ginger. We want to share some fun facts about these ingredients and share more about what is

Decorative Storage Jars

Upcycling Mak Tok Jars In addition to Mak Tok products being 100% natural and 80% of the products being Vegan, Mak Tok jars are also recyclable as they are made from glass. Once you have finished a delicious Mak Tok jar, you could just put it in the recycle bin and just forget about it,
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