sugared peanut pancake apam balik mak tok

Sugared Peanut Pancake

Sugared Peanut Pancake Serves 4 Let's Cook!Other Recipes Ingredients 1 cup Self-raising flour1 teaspoon Sugar (for the batter)1 Egg50ml Milk50g Roasted salted peanuts50g Sugar (for sugared peanuts)4 tablespoon Creamed corn Butter to pan-fry the pancake Method 1) Mix flour, 1 teaspoon of sugar, egg, and milk in a mixing bowl. Cover with a cloth and
cokodok malaysian banana fritters

Banana Fritters (Cokodok)

Let's Cook!Other Recipes Ingredients 3 Extra riped bananas1 cup Plain flour1/2 teaspoon Baking soda1/2 teaspoon Baking powder3 tablespoon Sugartiny bit of Icing sugar Don't know what to do with some spare bananas that are slightly going over? Why not try banana fritters, also known as Cokodok! Fry to perfection and they are sweet and soft,
sticky rice sweetened coconut pulut inti mak tok

Sticky Rice with Sweetened Coconut (Pulut Inti)

Let's Cook!Other Recipes Ingredients 50g Palm sugar/Dark brown sugar50g Desiccated coconut1/4 teaspoon Salt200g Glutinous rice50ml Coconut milk25ml Water Method 1) Soak the glutinous in water for at least hours. After that, drain the water and place it in a steamer. Steam for 15 minutes before adding coconut milk and a pinch of salt to the glutinous
muah chee

Muah Chee

Let's Cook!Other Recipes Ingredients 100g Glutinous rice flour20g Tapioca rice flour10g Sesame seeds40g Peanuts3 tablespoon Sugar150ml water Method 1) Toast sesame seeds and peanuts until golden brown. Set aside to cool. 2) In a mixing bowl, add glutinous rice flour and tapioca. Add water little by little (or separate into 3 parts). Mix well until the
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