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Christmas 2020 – A Little Taste of Togetherness

A Little Taste of Togetherness

This year, not all of us get to celebrate Christmas with our loved ones. But with small gestures, we can still taste what this festive season is all about – togetherness.

Share with us your story of celebrating Christmas away from your loved ones. #alittletasteoftogetherness ❤️

The story behind this video…

The idea came about when I was talking on the phone with my mum who is currently in Malaysia. She was saying that Christmas will be a quiet one this year as most of us will not be home with her. My eldest sister and I are both in the UK while my dad has been stuck in Indonesia for work since early this year. I think it is still alright for all of us as we still have part of the family to celebrate the festive season with. As for my dad, he will be going through Christmas 2020 alone.

Near, yet so far…

The distance between Indonesia and Malaysia is about the same as England and Ireland by air. However, a 14-day quarantine was imposed by the Malaysian government since the start of the pandemic – meaning that anyone who is to step foot into Malaysia (even its citizen) will be brought to a quarantine facility straight after they landed.

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A timeline that won’t work…

My dad won’t finish work until the 23rd of December – which means by the time he finishes the compulsory quarantine period in Malaysia, it will be 5th of January (also the first day he needs to be back at work). My dad plays a vital part in his company and that is why taking leave during the busiest time of the year is unrealistic.

Dad has always been happy and content with what he has in life – a bit of an opposite to my mum who always pushes her limits time after time. Although he smiles every time we video call him, it shows in his voice and micro expression that he is rather exhausted and needed time off with his family.

A long-distance relationship is not easy but my parents made it work throughout their time together. Their love story is something to be envied by most but I will leave that to another day.

Building something for the family…

I am just really blessed to have both of my parents who are doing everything they can to continue to provide care and love for all of us. As the only son of the family, I should be the one looking after them right after my studies. That didn’t really happen just quite yet but I am hoping what I have put into this little business will one day allow me to become that perfect Malaysian son in their eyes.

My parents never once asked or pressured me to be successful in this venture probably because they experienced it first hand of starting up and running a small business. Even so, that is very un-Asian of my parents. Hahaha.

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A dedication to my dad…

So dad, if you are reading this from Indonesia, thank you for being the pillar of our family all these years. Although we will not be celebrating Christmas together this year, let’s hope that technology will continue to keep us connected and that food (as a gluttony family) will always give us that little taste of togetherness. ❤️

Share with us your story of celebrating Christmas away from your loved ones. #alittletasteoftogetherness ❤️

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