Mak Tok and Cheese Complements


Mak Tok and Cheese Complements

We know Mak Tok chilli pastes are great for marinades, stir-fry’s, BBQ’s and delicious dips but have you ever thought about pairing Mak Tok with cheese? Well, you are in for a treat, because that is exactly what we have done! To celebrate National Wine and Cheese day on 25th July, this blog shows what cheeses complement well with Mak Tok’s chilli pastes!

Sweet chilli and Ricotta Cheese

Mak Tok’s sweet chilli paste has a vibrant and freshly fragrant flavour, oozing with lemongrass and ginger. A strong pairing is Ricotta cheese as its light and creamy, yet a mild fresh cheese. It also has a soft texture, with a slightly sweet flavour. That’s why it’s perfect for dishes including baked pasta dishes or glazing on pizza.

Yorkshire Dama Cheese Mak Tok

Satay and Halloumi Cheese

Mak Tok’s Satay chilli paste, has a balanced nutty-sweetness and a slight tanginess with a subtle chilli heat coming through nicely to finish. It’s perfectly complemented with Halloumi as It’s rich and creamy in flavour. Halloumi is such a versatile cheese, perfect for grilling on a BBQ, frying and even having it raw. Sooooo many dishes could be made with this pairing. My top two are Halloumi satay skewers, with a nice glaze of Mak Tok’s Satay chilli paste as well as Halloumi satay noodles.

halloumi yorkshire dama mak tok satay

Fire and Camembert

Our fire chilli paste is very spicy, yet mildly sweet and smoky. We believe this partners perfectly with hot, baked cheeses such as Camembert. You can find Camembert in the majority of supermarkets, and all you do is bake it in the wooden box. The Camembert oozes out with flavour! Just get some crackers, and dip with both the fire chilli paste and Camembert. YUM! This could be the perfect sharing appetizer when hosting for friends and family!

cam 2

Fire and Koko Vegan Cheese

If you are looking to spice up some of your vegan cheese, our fire chilli paste could work well. We used Koko dairy free cheese, an alternative to cheddar. It’s quite mature so we added some fire to add a kick to spice up the dish. Koko Cheese can be good for grating on top, as well as used in cooking. It’s also free from artificial colours and preservatives, just like Mak Tok!

Yorkshire Dama Cheese Mak Tok

Signature and Brie

Mak Toks signature chilli paste was the first chilli paste we made, commonly known as sambal in Malaysia. The savoury flavour marries perfectly with the umami seafood and would partner well with brie. It is a fantastic cheese which can be eaten either cold or hot. The signature chilli paste is of medium heat so a cold chunk of brie could would be a nice addition to a sandwich!


Rendang and Gouda Cheese

The Rendang chilli paste is a lovely creamy and citrusy blend bursting with flavour from natural lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and ginger. The warmth of these spices complements perfectly with hard cheeses such as Gouda. The Rendang will certainly spice up your cheese board!


Pineapple Relish and Gruyère Cheese

If you still happen to have our Limited Ed. Pineapple Relish (which is now sold out/no longer available), you could pair them with gruyère cheese. The natural tanginess and sweetness from the lush pineapple bits in the relish accompanies well with the rich and creaminess of the gruyère. You could grate the gruyère and add a few tablespoons of the pineapple relish, making it into a warming toasty. It’s also great combo for those that are not a fan of any spice.


If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions put them in the comments section below, we always welcome them!

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