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My Last Blogpost For Mak Tok

I’m leaving Mak Tok, which, in honesty, is very sad. 

It’s been one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life…

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… and I want to take a chance to thank everyone involved in the company for their help with my development, and for being such great friends to me! I wanted to explain exactly what has been so good about working at this company, from a purely personal point of view, and why I am so thankful for my time here.

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Trade shows have been eye-opening to me, and taught me invaluable lessons about how best to approach customers of every description, be they a mum looking for something their kids will like, to hotel chain owners wanting enough chilli paste to feed an army. Everyone has different needs and desires, and understanding those go beyond sales and into any job, social situation, or relationship. 

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I’ve also been exposed to decision-making on a bigger scale than I’ve ever seen before. Although Mak Tok isn’t quite a multi-billion pound company, we still make decisions that affect our lives and our company’s finances, and that’s taught me so much about not making rash, snap decisions. Thinking through pros and cons, weighing things up, none of this came naturally to me but I’ve realised the importance of it working here.

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Versatility, and resilience, two buzzwords nowadays, but something that I have learnt a lot of at Mak Tok. In any situation, taking the immediate stance that ‘I can’t do this’ will never be good for you- if you do that then you’ll never learn to do anything new. So much of my job has involved stuff I’d never even touched on before. I came into the job as a marketing & sales assistant, but that’s only been a fraction of what I’ve done. I’ve learnt that you’re rarely going to adapt to a new situation without flaws, but that being willing to overcome the challenges that come about is half the fun.

I’ll always be thankful for my time at Mak Tok, and the lessons I’ve learnt are ones I’ll apply to the rest of my career. If you’re reading this and thinking about applying for a job with Will and his team, I can’t recommend it enough. You’ll learn about a lot more than just chilli paste.