Mum’s, Love, & Cooking

Mum’s are, for many of us, our first exposure to cooking.

It might be a Sunday roast, or fajita Tuesday, or even Bolognese Wednesday, but mum’s often go hand-in-hand with good food.

For me, I know that no matter how hard I try, I can never make chicken stew QUITE like my mum does.

With that in mind, and with mother’s day just around the corner, I did a bit of research into why no-one can make it quite like mum!

Apparently, we have enzymes in our mouth that make us respond to different food in different ways- meaning that certain things will taste better than others.

So, if your mum likes cooking her potatoes a certain way, then chances are that genetics will dictate that you like them that way too!

But, in reality, our love of mum’s cooking goes beyond that.

It’s an emotional thing, where we associate anything that’s our mum’s cooking or recipe, with home. Home, really, means safety and support, as well as a sense of belonging.

For many of us, cooking with our family, and particularly our mum, will be one of our first memories, and probably the first time we can remember cooking.

I know that personally, my mum taught me to cook, and more importantly, she taught me to fall in love with cooking rather than just viewing it as a chore. Now, cooking is one of the things I look forward to most in the day- new recipes, cooking instinctively, and fixing current recipes is one of life’s joys and one I got from my mum.

For us at Mak Tok, our whole company is based around appreciating mum’s cooking!

Tell me a bit about your mum. It would be nice to know what are some crazy things she did for you. Remember to tag and use #crazymama


Happy Mother’s Day!