The best places in Sheffield for Christmas presents!

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is just around the corner.

Before the bonfires were even dampened, people across the country had turned their heads towards the fairy lights and tinsel. If you’re like me, and love giving people presents they’re going to love, then this is the list for you. We know that finding that PERFECT present for people can be really tricky, and we want to help.

This is a list of some of the best little shops in Sheffield, so if you’ve exhausted Amazon, Meadowhall and the City Centre, these places are for you.

Alcohol is always a safe bet, isn’t it? Assuming you’re not shopping for a child or Russell Brand, then a nice bottle of something is always going to go down well. However, nowadays people want something a bit special from their alcohol, and Starmore Boss is definitely special. The staff are all highly trained and will help you pick the right tipple for your loved one. Be it an ale for dad, gin for mum, or rum for anyone (and rum should always be for anyone), Starmore Boss is the place to be.

Running since 2013, Bird’s Yard is a place for really talented people to show their wares to the world. Spread over two shops, you can find something for everyone. Clothes, homeware, and other ‘gifts’ all designed by people who care about what they’re making. If you’re shopping for someone quirky, then get them something equally quirky from Bird’s Yard.

Cute by name, cute by nature. Moonko is one of those places that no matter what day you’re having, when you step inside you immediately feel relaxed. House plants, ethically sourced bodycare products, and all kinds of other little things that you never thought you needed (but definitely do!). If you’ve got someone who really cares about the environment or cares about where what they use comes from, Moonko is the place for you.

The clue is in the name, but ‘antique’ doesn’t really cover the massive range of items you can get here. Based in a 19th century building, you can find anything from big pieces of furniture to delicate jewellery here. Everything in the Sheffield Antique’s Centre has a story, and I’ve always popped in there to see what unusual items I can pick up. They’re not in the business of stealing your money, so it’s all very reasonably priced! The people who work there are always accommodating and happy to help.

If there’s one thing that Sheffield does right, it’s pride- The Famous Sheffield Shop seeks to highlight the best of Sheffield Craftmanship, and steel plays a big part in this shop. Beautiful cutlery, knives of every description, and gorgeous vases and bowls. If you want something that has its roots firmly in Sheffield, then this is where you’ll find it- and it will be beautiful.

There’s a reason my eyesight is so outstandingly bad, and that’s because when I was a kid I’d read all the time. So for me, Porter Book Shop fills me with joy. It’s not a huge shop, but every available space is filled with books of every description. Everyone has passions, and most people like reading about those passions. So if you’re stuck for a present, pop down to this little gem and see what you can find.

There you have it!

These are some of our top picks for unique present spots in God’s favourite city. If you’re stuck for presents, or want something different anyway, check out these great shops!