Things I’ve learnt preparing for our pop-up kitchen

1.Marketing is really hard.

We’re organising our first pop-up kitchen! It’s been a while coming, and we’re so happy that on Monday it’ll be a reality! It’s at Oliver’s in Sharrow Vale, and we’re taking over for 3 hours from 6-9PM- if you’re in Sheffield come down and see us! However, it hasn’t been plain sailing, and there are a few lessons to keep in mind if you’re ever going to host your own.

Trying to get people to notice your event is really difficult, because there’s so much going on- especially at this time of year! Hosting a pop-up kitchen is really difficult when you’re only a small company with a small budget. We’ve had to call in favours and be really creative with how we make people aware of this event. In many ways, though, it’s a blessing as we’ve had to get creative about how we can get across our brand!


2. Everything takes much longer than you think.

Don’t ever think you can allow yourself too much time when planning an event like this. Everything requires more time and energy than you originally anticipated. If you’re doing any kind of event planning, but especially a pop-up kitchen, then so much can go wrong! Food is a dangerous item to bank all your hopes on, so ensuring that you’ve given yourself way too much time is critical.


3. Maths is more important than you’d imagine.

Ultimately, you want to make a profit when you set up a pop-up kitchen, that’s KEY. So, you have to work out how much your overall food bill is gonna be, then add in all your other expenses. THEN you’ve got to work out how many covers you expect an hour, how many hours you’re there, and according to that you can work out how much you should be charging! Unfortunately, maths isn’t my strong point, so it’s been hard to ensure that the numbers all add up right!